2020 PBA Players Championship | VLOG #5

I had the oppurtunity to go out to Columbus Ohio to watch the 2020 PBA Players Championship show. Get a behond the scene look at what went on before, during and after the show! Also had special guests Packy Hanrahan and Kris Prather!

Thank you to Chris Forry at BuddiesProShop.com for making this possible! Go check out BuddiesProShop.com “The Place All Bowlers Shop”

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Music provided by Rujay.
Channel: https://YouTube.com/user/RujayTV.

Instrumental: “Waves” by Skynexx & Dominik.

Instrumental: “Self Made” by Young Gotti.

Instrumental: “Paradise” by Andyr.

Instrumental: “More Sun” by Ihaksi.

Instrumental: “Purp” by Opium Lights.

Instrumental: “Touch The Sky” by RB Keys.


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