PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR — 01-11-2020 — 2020 January Classic

Episode 114
“2020 January Classic”
Recorded January 11, 2020
For release on January 17, 2020
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On this week’s edition of PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR, a total of ten kids try their hand at winning — five in the Littles Division and five in the Bigs Division. Included in the field are SEVEN visitors who came from as far away as Columbus, Georgia, halfway across the state.

Because we got a late start and had a huge storm blowing through the southeast that afternoon, we decided to cut short the qualifying round and made it just one game. But all ten kids make the show, as only the top two in each division secured guaranteed spots in our two stepladders, while the remaining three kids fed into a Single Ball Elimination Wild Card Round.

But on this day, nothing came easy, as we put them on one of the most demanding oil patterns they’ll see all year — the 2016 Junior Gold Advancers Round pattern, a flat oil pattern very similar to Red Square.

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-Coach Randy


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