The All New Bowling Game you HAVE to play… (PBA Pro Bowling).

The All New Bowling Game you HAVE to play… (PBA Pro Bowling).

Whatsup guys Nut5gaming here with an all new video. Do you want to play a competitive game catering to bowlers? PBA Pro Bowling is the newest thrilling game that will satisfy both your bowling needs, and your gaming needs. RISE UP BOWLING GAMERS. This video is dedicated to my friends and teammates for Kansas State University’s Bowling Team. I know this is a different game style than I usually play but I truly do enjoy the game and even if you aren’t a bowler normally, I think you’ll enjoy this game. The career mode is extremely advanced with pro bowlers and all of their styles are recreated perfectly. I found the bowling ball selection to be extremely well versed as the game carries a massive selection of balls. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification bell if you want more content like this. I’ll see you in the next video!

Recent Vid: https://youtu.be/37Crr1yXuB8

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