PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR — 03-23-2019 — 2019 Atlanta Team Showdown

“2019 Atlanta Team Showdown”
Recorded March 23, 2019
For release on March 29, 2019
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On this week’s edition of PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR, we divide the ten kids up into two teams of five and challenge them to bowl in the PRODIGY Team format. Here’s how it works:

In Round One, they bowl 5-on-5, with the team that registers the higher total pinball receiving 3 points.

In Round Two, they bowl Baker format, which means one player bowls the 1st and 6th frames, one player bowls the 2nd and 7th frames, one player bowls the 3rd and 8th frames, another player bowls the 4th and 9th frames, and the anchor bowler bowls in the 5th and 10th frames. In this best-of-three Baker Round, the first team to win two games receives 3 points.

So after the first two rounds, we could have one team out in front 6 to nothing, or we could have a tie with each team owning 3 points.

Then in Round Three, they bowl 5-on-5 once again, except this time, each individual player is competing for one head-to-head match point against the player across from him. So, in other words, the lead-off bowlers are competing head-to-head, the #2 bowlers in their respective team lineups are going head-to-head, the #3 bowlers in the lineups are competing, and so on. Five players, five match points in play. Plus, the team with the higher total pinball in Round Three will receive an additional 3 points. So in all, there are 8 points available in Round Three.

So even if a team is behind 6 to nothing going into Round Three, they can still win the competition by sweeping all five match points in Round Three, or by winning 4 match points and taking total pins for a total of 7 team points, while the other team would collect the other point to add to its existing 6 points, resulting in a 7-7 tie. And that would send it to a sudden death roll-off, where we’d break the tie with a one-ball roll-off.

But we’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it. To date, in the four previous times we’ve used this PRODIGY Team format, it has never produced a close finish. In fact, each and every time we’ve used this format, one team won both Rounds One and Two, giving them a 6-0 lead, and the team that was trailing never made it much of a match. So we’re still looking for the first close finish in this format.

Your play-by-play announcer is USBC Silver Certified Coach Randy Brown, who was also a PBA member (he reminds us that it was a long time ago) and a 2009 inductee in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

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Hope you enjoy the show!

-Coach Randy


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