PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR — 01-05-2019 — Turn the Page

“Turn the Page”
Recorded at Brunswick Zone Roswell in Roswell, Georgia
Filmed Saturday, January 5, 2019
For release on January 11, 2019
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As we “Turn the Page” on the calendar this week, the kids are bowling on the oil pattern known as “Turnpike,” a 41-foot pattern with a 2.4-to-1 ratio, meaning they better be accurate or they will be paying a heavy toll. This week’s show includes a first-time visitor in our field and another young player who’s only been on the show a few times and is seeking his first PRODIGY title. In all, eight kids qualified for the show today — four in the Handicap Division and four in the Scratch Division. You’ll see them compete for the right to sign The Coveted Trophy Pin.

As always, your comments are welcome and encouraged. But we insist that you keep your comments positive. Not only do the kids who were on the show view this page, but so do their parents. So, negative comments, insults and other derogatory remarks about our young bowlers will not be tolerated. Remember, the mission of PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR is to “Celebrate Junior Bowling while we Elevate Junior Bowlers.” So keep your comments helpful, not hurtful, and everything will be fine. But if all you have to offer is to insult or diminish our players, your comment will be removed. (These are KIDS; what’s wrong with you?)

Your play-by-play announcer is the Creator and Executive Producer of PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR, USBC Silver Certified Coach and former PBA member, Randy Brown. Randy is also a 2009 inductee in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and produces this show mostly for fun and as a way to help recruit kids to join the youth program that he runs at Brunswick Zone Roswell in Roswell, Georgia, where the show originates. He is a self-described “bowling evangelist” and is always looking for ways to promote the game and present it in a favorable light.

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Hope you enjoy this week’s show!

-Coach Randy

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