PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR — 03-30-2019 — March Madness, April Badness

“March Madness, April Badness”
Recorded March 30, 2019
For release on April 5, 2019
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On this week’s episode of PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR, we figured since it was the end of March and coming up on the opening of April, now was a good time to do something we’ve never done before on PRODIGY — namely, a bracketed competition in the spirit of your March Madness brackets. Except with ours, we began with just 8 bowlers. Actually, we had to press one parent into action to get to eight. So we did.

But of course with eight players, that would mean seven matches, which would make for a very long show. So we shortened the matches, and for the first time ever on PRODIGY, we’re bowling 5-frame matches today. Which works out quite well, considering that the Bigs and Littles are all in one division, and they’re competing SCRATCH today. I figured the little kids could hang with the big kids for about half a game. And they proved me right.

So I think you’ll really enjoy this week’s show. There’s lots of excitement and some very entertaining matches.

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Your play-by-play voice is USBC Silver Certified Coach and former PBA member Randy Brown. Randy is a 2009 inductee in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and runs his own business in suburban Atlanta where he provides voiceover services to broadcasters all over North America. You can hear what he does in his day job at www.RandyBrownVO.com.

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Enjoy the show!

-Coach Randy


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