Storm PWBA Fanfest!

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-Our lane surface is Brunswick Pro Anvil II.

-We use Kegel Curve conditioner

-Our lane machine is a Kegel Phoenix S

-I shoot on a Sony A7iii and a Sony a6400.

-I use a Sony Zeiss 16/35 FE4 for our wide shots and a Sony G-Master 100/400 for our on lane shots.

-We use a DJI Maveick II for our drone footage and sometimes a DJI Osmo Action for down lane pocket shots.

-I edit on a 2018 MacBook Pro using Final Cut Pro X.

-I (Fred) use Turbo inserts and Switch Grip Thumbs exclusively.

-I use MusicBed and Epidemic Sound for our music.

Callahan’s Performance Bowling


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