Episode 100
2019 PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR Tournament of Champions
Recorded June 22, 2019
For release on June 29, 2019
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All season long, they’ve been chasing after The Coveted Trophy Pin. At the end of each week’s show, the winner(s) get to sign The Coveted Trophy Pin, and in so doing, they become eligible for the season’s big event in June, the PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR Tournament of Champions, or PRODIGY TOC, as we call it for brevity’s sake. The PRODIGY TOC utilizes a unique format, The Mother of All Stepladders, where every PRODIGY champion who shows up is automatically seeded into one long stepladder that we work through on today’s show.

There were 31 champions crowned this season, and 13 of them came to compete for The Coveted Trophy Pin today. But only one will get to claim it as their own.

As always, your play-by-play voice is PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR Creator and Executive Producer Coach Randy Brown, a USBC Silver Certified Coach and former PBA member.

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– Coach Randy


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