PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR — 07-20-2019 — For Littles Only

Episode 102
“For Littles Only”
Filmed at Bowlero Roswell
Roswell, Georgia
Recorded July 20, 2019
For release on July 26, 2019
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This is the final episode of PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR Season 3, and we’re really going out with a bang. It’s our first-ever episode of PRODIGY that features just the pint-size prodigies!

This show is so special, we had SIX kids travel from all across the country just to come to Roswell, Georgia to bowl with us. They came from the San Francisco Bay Area, from Kingston, New York, from up around Grand Rapids, Michigan and Detroit Michigan, one came from near Charlotte, North Carolina, and still another was on his way home to Jacksonville, Florida from Junior Gold in Detroit and stopped off along the way just to bowl with us. In fact, this week’s show marks a milestone in PRODIGY lore: It’s the first time ever we actually had more visitors in the field than local kids from the Atlanta area.

So with that many miles logged just to get here, I couldn’t help but adapt the format to make sure everyone made the show. So today, you’re going to see a unique format we’ve never quite done before. All eleven kids make the stepladder, with each match being decided in a five-frame game…except the Championship Match, which goes a full ten frames.

It’s a LITTLE-PALOOZA as nothing but little kids invade your screen this week on a very special edition of PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR!

Oh, and remember to stick around to see the Junior Gold scoring update after the Championship Match when we let you know how some of the PRODIGY kids fared in Detroit. Plus, there are some pretty fun surprises in the closing credits that I think you’ll enjoy.

As usual, your play-by-play announcer is USBC Silver Certified Coach Randy Brown, who also serves as the Volunteer Youth Director at Bowlero Roswell.

As always, your comments are welcome. But we do insist that you keep your comments positive. Remember, the mission of PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR is to “Celebrate Junior Bowling and Elevate Junior Bowlers.” So if you keep your critiques HELPFUL and not HURTFUL, then it’s all good.

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Hope you enjoy this week’s show!

See you again this Fall!

-Coach Randy


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