MOTIV Jackal Legacy "VERSATILITY TEST" FIVE patterns & TWO layouts – PBA Players Championship Prep!!

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Join MOTIV Staffer Jeff Piroozshad as he puts the all new MOTIV Jackal Legacy through the ringer! Watch both a Pin Up and Pin Down Jackal Legacy thrown on not only a typical house shot, but on the four lane conditions to be used at the 2021 PBA Players Championship (Viper, Chameleon, Bear and Shark). There will also be comparisons to the Alpha Jackal and the Forge Flare.

Bowler Stats:
Jeff’s Rev Rate: 425-450 RPM
Jeff’s Ball speed: 18mph
Jeff’s PAP: 5 1/8″ right, 7/8″ up

The Jackal Legacy releases on January 29, 2021.
To see what MOTIV has to say about the Jackal Legacy, click here:
https://www.motivbowling.com/products/balls/heavy-oil/jackal-legacy.html .


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