CAN THE LUMBERJACKS DO IT AGAIN The 2020 PBA League Super Clash The Lumberjacks Take It Home Again!

Hope you all enjoy the video for today and if you do than make sure to give it a like and subscribe to show your support and once again congratulations to the Portland Lumberjacks and there take it home once again and there are so hard to beat as one of the hard teams in the PBA League and in the sport of Bowling and there are not that easy to beat either but congratulations still guys and you guys are a lot of fun to watch and sorry to the legend and hall of famer Norm Duke be came so close to wining this tournament this year in 2020 but still great and awesome Bowling to you Norm and Jason Belmonte too and the other PBA League teams too and it’s so great to be back filming PBA Bowling videos again and like I say once again the PBA Bowling shows and videos will show in 2021 starting off with the PBA Hall of Fame Classic which was won last year by the new hall of famer Tommy Jones with a 300 game in the championship match VS Darren Tang and please stay toon for the up coming PBA Bowling videos which will be up in 2021 and please also tell me in the comments down below what other kinds of vlogs and videos I should do for my YouTube channel and please subscribe like and please turn on your post notifications and take care and I will see you guys later!


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