Bowling 2019 PBA League MOMENT – GAME 6

00:00 Introduction

00:04 GAME Analysis

04:10 GAME 2 Analysis

07:04 ROLL-OFF Analysis

07:53 GAME Strikes Analysis

08:38 GAME 2 Strikes Analysis

Oil Pattern:Mark Roth (42 feet)

Portland Lumberjacks VS. Dallas Strikers
Lumberjacks In the game USE:
Wes Malott
【Storm】 !Q Tour Emerald [RG:2.49- Diff:0.029] Kris Prather
【Roto Grip】 Idol Pearl [RG:2.49- Diff:0.052] Kyle Troup
【Storm】 Phaze II [RG:2.48 – Diff:0.051] Mitch Hupé
【Columbia 300】 Chaos Black [RG:2.48 – Diff:0.054] Ryan Ciminelli
【Motiv】 Jackal Ghost [RG:2.47- Diff:0.054]

Strikers In the game USE:
Norm Duke
【Storm】 !Q Tour Emerald [RG:2.49- Diff:0.029] Tommy Jones
【Ebonite】 Futura [RG:2.48- Diff:0.053] Bill O’Neill 【Ebonite】 Future [RG:2.48- Diff:0.053] Andrew Anderson
【Hammer】 Web Tour [RG:2.47 – Diff:0.030] Brad Miller
【Storm】Pro-Motion [RG:2.52 – Diff:0.049]

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