Bowling 2019 PBA Playoffs Round of 24 – 1st Round MOMENT – GAME5

Oil Pattern:Don Carter 39

Marshall Kent VS. Jesper Svensson
Marshall Kent in the Bag:
“Roto Grip” HALO [RG:2.49 – Diff:0.050] “Roto Grip” IDOL [RG:2.49 – Diff:0.052] “Roto Grip” IDOL Pearl [RG:2.49 – Diff:0.052] “Storm” PHAZE II [RG:2.48 – Diff:0.051] Marshall Kent In the game USE: PHAZE II and IDOL

Jesper Svensson in the Bag:
“Storm” PITCH BLACK [RG:2.57 – Diff:0.022] “Storm” FEVER PITCH [RG:2.61 – Diff:0.030] Jesper Svensson In the game USE: PITCH BLACK .


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