Bowling 2019 PBA Playoffs Round of 24 – 1st Round MOMENT – GAME3

Oil Pattern:Don Carter 39

Chris Barnes VS. Kyle Troup
Chris Barnes in the Bag:
“900 Global” Inception [RG:2.48 – Diff:0.055] “900 Global” Truth Tour [RG:2.53 – Diff:0.038] “900 Global” White Hot Badger [RG:2.57 – Diff:0.041] Chris Barnes In the game USE: Truth Tour and Truth Tour

Kyle Troup in the Bag:
“Roto Grip” IDOL [RG:2.49 – Diff:0.052] “Roto Grip” IDOL Pearl [RG:2.49 – Diff:0.052] Kyle Troup In the game USE: IDOL .


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