2006 Bowling USBC Masters

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The USBC Masters became an officially sanctioned PBA event in 1998. (Prior to the 2005 merger of the ABC and WIBC, this event was known as the ABC Masters.)
Entrants for the USBC Masters can qualify via sanctioned USBC league play and are not required to be PBA members. Winners do, however, have to be full-fledged PBA members to be credited with a PBA title.
Walter Ray Williams Jr. won a memorable 2009–10 Masters at age 50, firing a 290 game in the final to defeat Chris Barnes. Buzz Fazio was previously the oldest player to ever win a Masters title, when he won the 1955 event at age 47.
With victories in both the 2013 and 2014 tournaments, Jason Belmonte became the first person to win back-to-back USBC Masters titles since Billy Welu in 1964–65.[20] On February 8, 2015, Belmonte became the first player in history to win three consecutive USBC Masters championships.[21] Mike Aulby is the only other player to win three Masters titles, but Aulby’s wins were not in consecutive seasons. Belmonte won this tournament again in 2017, becoming the only bowler to ever win four USBC Masters titles.[22] Anthony Simonsen won the 2016 USBC Masters, becoming the youngest person (19 years, 39 days) to ever win a PBA major. That distinction previously belonged to Mike Aulby, who won the 1979 PBA National Championship at age 19 years, 83 days.[23] Note: In May 2008, the PBA announced that it was revising its all-time records to include ABC Masters titles prior to 1998 if the person who earned the title was a PBA member at the time .


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