Friday Five – Jason Belmonte’s Super Slam

Friday Five, April 3, 2020: revisiting some of the highlights of Jason Belmonte’s Super Slam. Belmonte is just the second bowler in PBA Tour history (Mike Aulby was the first) to have won all five majors.

Belmonte’s win in the 2020 U.S. Open completed the Triple Crown (World Championship, Tournament of Champions, U.S. Open), Grand Slam (add the USBC Masters) and Super Slam (add the Players Championship).

Belmonte’s 13 career majors (as of this post):
2011 PBA Players Championship https://youtu.be/T_nyXmThAp8
2013 USBC Masters https://youtu.be/o6u9QNEN3wY
2014 PBA Tournament of Champions https://youtu.be/tvx-KJ5jHEI
2014 USBC Masters https://youtu.be/7AxYqnDe4gA
2015 USBC Masters https://youtu.be/NGLyKMx5j_8
2015 PBA Tournament of Champions https://youtu.be/2rEq5C1LBN0
2017 PBA Players Championship https://youtu.be/tBX5PqDyGMo
2017 USBC Masters https://youtu.be/EwOunOGbOnM
2017 PBA World Championship https://youtu.be/yNy3bFuaPSM
2019 PBA Tournament of Champions https://youtu.be/NRk6HSV9ubk
2019 PBA World Championship https://youtu.be/qAQJoUO6hEQ
2020 U.S. Open https://youtu.be/wo9uncJF9tc
2020 PBA World Championship

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