Home HIIT Leg Workout With Bowling Balls PBA Style – Follow Along (Bowlers Edition)

CALLING ALL BOWLERS! Grab a bowling ball, bag, and let’s get to work. No weights needed for this HIIT leg workout routine! Workout can be performed with bodyweight only or other anything that weighs up to 50lbs.

This workout circuit will have your Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Glutes, and Shoulders screaming when you’re done.

Leg Workout circuit (2 Rounds)
You can do 1 round doing reps of 50 per exercise or 2-3 rounds like I did in the video, but you’ll do 25 reps per set.
Rest time is going to be short 1- 2 Minutes depending on your fitness level. By round two, you will definitely be gasping for air as I was close to puking myself.

1) Walking Lunge W Bowling Bag – 25 reps per leg with
2) Single-Leg Squat To Chair – 25 reps per leg
3) Stiff-Legged Deadlift W Bowling Bag – 25 reps
4) Front-To-Back Squat W Bowling Bag
5) Hack Squat W Bowling Bag – 25 reps
Superset (Timed)
6) 90-270 Degree Jump Squat Twist – 30-seconds with 30-sec rest.
Mountain Climbers – 30-seconds with 30-sec rest.
Pop Squats W Bowling Bag – 30-seconds .


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