There are many good reasons for being a member of the European Bowling Proprietors Association!

  • You are part of your own association in Europe !
  • You are part of the EBPA bowling websites !
  • It´s for you, your center and your bowlers
    once you become a member !

Our Ambitions

  • Ambitions European & world wide network for proprietors.
  • PR & development for all member centers.
  • Support the sport of ten pin bowling.
  • Support clinics and tradeshows.
  • Developing new business ideas for a better use of member centers.
  • Developing Internet-service; EBPA official home page.
  • All members having their own site in the future.
  • EU-contributions.
  • Eurosport TV.Having the best connections with FIQ, WTBA,
    BPAA, AMF & Brunswick, and all organisations for proprietors.
  • Support establishing of centers in new countries f.e. in Russia, with knowhow
The EBPA Committee in Las Vegas June 20, 2000. From left: Ferdi Janka, Åke Bjerselius, Anders Lindgren, Jean-Marie Schiepers, Jan Hansen
EBPA started in Helsinki, Finland, January 5, 1995, after an idea from  Pekka Lundström and Åke Bjerselius, strongly supported by Finnair.

New members are most welcome to EBPA! Do not hesitate to contact us in any matter! EBPA is on line all time around the clock!

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